Is My Cat a Maine Coon?

Visitors frequently come to our home and I pad right over to meet them as they bow and offer the obligatory obeisant scritch to my head. Then they get down on one knee in genuflection and ask me the most common question I get which is “do you think my cat is a Maine Coon?” Well! What cat would not like to be a Maine Coon or what owner would not want to have a Maine Coon? However, many want to be called but few are chosen. Is your cat a Maine Coon? If you have to ask the question, the answer is no.

If your cat is from a shelter, it is possible he/she is a mix. Maine Coons do get out and get pregnant or impregnate. Owners die and pedigreed cats end up in shelters too. The truth is that you can’t really tell if your cat is a MC mix.

Maine Coons are one of two natural long hair breeds in the United States. The other is the Long Haired Domestic Cat (LHD). Large LHDs are often  misidentified by shelter employees as being MC mixes. Since the two breeds are (often) kissing cousins, does it really matter? I do know the answer to that question-no.

In this section I have illustrated the major Maine Coon features using pictures of Moi (that means me not a cat named Moi cause that’s a stupid name).





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