Where the Hell is Edmonds?

Funny things were happening in my house. Furniture was disappearing. Really. I’d take a nap and when I went back into the family room, the couch was gone! Chairs disappeared. Things I had no idea what they were disappeared. Boxes appeared, were filled and then disappeared again. One day my people took everything and put it in the garage. I spent the day in the garage with the man. What fun! Normally I was not allowed out there. When we came back in all the carpets smelled funny and floors were shiny. This was followed by frantic activity of putting things in boxes. I did my best to help by putting myself in as many boxes as I could.

One morning, when I had sensed my people had very high stress levels, I was put in my carrier and brought to the vet. After a day I was afraid I was going to a new family because my people didn’t come to pick me up. I was also put in a very large cage and people tried to play with me. One day led to another and still no one came. I was getting used to my new home when my people came back for me. I thought they had realized what a mistake they had made and how they couldn’t live without me. Came to understand I was just being boarded. I knew my people had a kitten of their own and apparently he was doing something called “marriage” with the queen who accompanied him on his last visit. They had to go visit him in his house (he lives in the “other” Washington which is far, far away). Can Opener explained that they had to fly to get there. Fly (snort). I’m not kitten enough to fall for that story.

Then one evening the man put me in my carrier and when the door opened I was in this different house. The strange thing is that the house was full of my furniture. My things. My people! How could that happen? This place is smaller and it only has one staircase. Did my house shrink and rearrange itself? I’m still trying to find the sun in this place. When I try to help can opener write, there very little room on the computer table. Before we had a desk that was twenty cat lengths long. I could stretch out as far as I wanted. Now the new table is only 3 cats lengths. How am I to sleep on that? Can opener says we will work it out.

I have seen something called a yard with a fence. Can opener says we will go outside in the summer. This backyard is cat proof so she says I can run around out there without my halter and she is going to grow plants I can chew on! Wow. We used to live on a golf course with no fence and I could only go out when the dog next door was inside and I was on a leash. I think I like fences if it means I can go outside and play. My people smell different here. They are less stressed even though everything is a mess and Can Opener has to read little booklets to get the work machines to go.

This place (called Edmonds) may not be so bad after all. Can Opener and I used to watch a kitten show on the computer. It was a secret and she used to turn it off when the man came in. Now we have this big screen thingy in the bedroom and IT PLAYS OUR KITTEN SHOW! The kittens are bigger than me too. Gotta run. Not everything is working yet and I have to help.



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