Coonwhisker’s Mikka

My name is Coonwhisker’s Mikka. I used to be Coonwhisker’s Mikka of Coonplay. If I am your mom, please contact me.

Yes, You Could Be My Kitten!

Don’t be mislead by my coat color. I used to be black and white (see pic at bottom) but I changed color since coming to Seattle. It’s caused by laying in every sunbeam I can find. This custom is called a sun bath and it is much preferable to the other kind of bath.

Your Mom Taking a Bath











If you are a purebred Maine Coon cat that was born in Colorado and your mother’s name was Coonwhisker’s Mikka (look on your papers for your mother’s name), please contact me. I’ve found mom, dad, and one sister but I would like to find more of the family. Plus I’d like to get in on some of that Mother’s Day action I see advertised!

Office copy
Your Mom Before She Tuned to Sun Worship




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