Kitten Cams

This is Moi watching the “Ghostbuster Fosters” with Momma Janine and her kits Egon and Ray. Ray is the whiny needy kitten.

Janine’s eye was hurt and didn’t work any more. A nice man thought that if he brought an obviously injured cat to a public  shelter they would pay for expensive surgery. Maybe on second thought not such a good idea but he meant well.

But it turned out Momma Janine was a momma to be soon. So the Shelter and Purrfect Pals got together and Purrfect Pals (a no kill shelter) took Janine.

She gave birth to three identical buff kittens and the whole family  went to live in the Critter room with Foster Dad John (who fosters for Purrfect Pals) when the kits were two days old. Peter was not quite right and he died when he was 5 days old in Foster Dad John’s hand. I lost kittens too so I know how Momma Janine felt.

See the tiny kitten on the laptop screen? Run little Ray, fishbed is going to eat you!

Watching the Critter Room on Livestream
Watching the Critter Room on Livestream

Livestream broadcasts live video of the Critter Room 24/7. If you live in Seattle and want to adopt a cat, you might find a kitten (or a momma) to love on the Critter Room kitten cam!

Update: A few days after this photo was taken, Janine had her eye removed (it was hurting her).  On May 1st, Janine and both her boys were adopted together.  If you are curious about what that tiny kitten on the tiny laptop is up to, you can see on their Facebook page: