Been sick

I was getting sick pretty often for a while. Just little things and then some big things. All of a sudden I had a big lump on my tooth, plus I had to pee all the time and it hurt and I had the runs. My owners brought me to see Dr. Sarah again. I like her. She gets down on the floor to see me as soon as she comes in. If I don’t feel like jumping up on the seat, she looks me over on the floor. She is great at giving pets! And she leavesĀ  treats in her visiting room so we can munch while we wait.










Sarah has my person give me a pill (I know what’s hidden in the middle of that treat!) every day and now I don’t get sick anymore. Except for the itchy ear thing.

I’ve been to many vets (Queens have to have many tests to make sure our hearts and hips are OK. My hips always looked pretty good to me and the studs always though I had a very loving heart!). In my experience they like to keep a lot of dogs around. I don’t mind a dog or two but when I’m sick the dogs make me feel like I’m their dinner. You just can’t relax. But Dr. Sarah’s place has no dogs. Not a one.

If you live around the Seattle (and you are a cat), get your person to take you there when you are sick.